Thursday, February 07, 2008

Not The Best Way To Get Chicks

On the bus ride home yesterday, I had a most interesting conversation with a fellow Pork Authority patron. We swapped stories about how we met our wives. As a teenager, he took notice of a girl whose sister he had just dated. He asked his ex's permission to go out with her sister, and she did not object. So he asked the sister, she said yes, and they've been together for over 30 years. In my case, I slowly became acquainted with a shy, withdrawn co-worker, soon becoming her best friend, lover, and eventually life partner. Neither of us achieved "husband" status by starting out with a cheap pickup line.

My pal nudged me and gestured towards an attractive brunette who looked to be about twenty years old. At first glance, he said, he thought she looked uncannily like his sister, and almost addressed her as such. I told him that it was a good thing that he didn't go up and hug her and plant a kiss on her cheek. It would be awkward for him to excuse himself by explaining that "you look like my sister". On the other hand, it would be an original way for a guy to meet women. Walk over, give a woman a hug and kiss her cheek, then pull back and apologize. "I'm sorry, but you look like my sister." What an effective ice breaker!

I recalled a former professional colleague who was notorious for hitting on every single woman in the workplace with the line: "You remind me of someone I used to know." Cheesy? Yes. But it must have worked, because he kept on using it.

My bus pal correctly surmised that telling a girl "you look like my sister" would not be a particularly effective pickup line. But it is funny. So funny, in fact, that I have been subject to random attacks of the giggles since the end of my bus ride yesterday.

I would love to see someone try using that line. Go out, find an attractive female, look her up and down, make eye contact, and tell her that she looks like your sister. Get it on video. Whatever her reaction, it belongs on YouTube.


jipzeecab said...

As a freshman I saw the lead actress in a college play and was impressed. Two nights later I had a dream which said "she's the one."
Six months later when I needed a date for my first fraternity party I cold called her up on the telephone and asked her to go. We were together for 20 years after that until the divorce!

Nicko McDave said...

But did she look like your sister?

jipzeecab said...

No..but in a silly coincidence they had the same birthday..