Friday, March 28, 2008

Obama Could Make Me Lose My Lunch

It's all go here in Pittsburgh this week.

Yesterday President George W. Bush visited the area, at the state Republican party's expense, to raise money for that organization and present an award to a local achiever. (Hmm, she pretty. Nice toes.) Since this tends to be a hostile region for the president, he generally pops in, goes straight to where he is scheduled to be, then quickly departs. The fundraiser was not too far from the airport, so he managed not to disrupt downtown traffic, during rush hour or any other hour of the day. Not even close.

Someone who can count on a sunny reception anytime he swings into town is Senator Barack Obama, one of the few individuals still in the running for the presidency. Pittsburgh Democrats love progressives like Obama. He will be appearing at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in Oakland at around 11 AM. By coincidence, I am meeting a friend for lunch right down the street from Soldiers and Sailors just a few minutes afterwards. Early Friday lunches in Oakland are usually quiet affairs. Today I am worried that the hordes of Obama fans will spill out of the Hall (the event has been sold out for days) and look for a nice place to eat. They might show up at the restaurant where I'll be eating. And why not? If you get turned away at the gate, sitting down for a delicious meal in a local eating establishment can provide you with some consolation.

If they get there before I do, they might crowd me right out of the restaurant. No soup for me!

Don't get me wrong. I'm used to being around Democrats. 90% of the time, I am the only Republican in the room. This crowd, coming out for the pep rally, is going to be wearing buttons and waving signs. I just wanna eat lunch! Is that too much to ask?

Obama supporters: Brown bag it! You can get Isaly's chipped ham at local supermarkets. Pack a sandwich and have a picnic on the lawn of the Cathedral of Learning. Don't let the rain bother you. It's OBAMA! He's worth it, right? Do it for your Messiah!

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