Friday, April 04, 2008

Fun With Search Words

Nothing says loving like meaningful search terms that people use to find your blog. I know that I have a weird sense of humor, but some of these searches are wayyyyy out there. Some of the more recent interesting discoveries:

clown porn joker (Someone must be looking for Heath Ledger slash fiction)
tigh mccain (I get the feeling that I will be seeing a lot of this over the next few months)
lets see what you havein your pants (I'll show you mine if you show me yours. But only if you're a hot chick)
iron maiden has religious overtones (Steve Harris is GOD)
civil rights charlie brown comics (Franklin was always being kept down by the MAN)
who is pittgirl (If I knew that, I would SO own her ass)
the only good pig for dead pig (Some sort of porcine necrophilia fetish, apparently)
gangrene in metaphorical literature (This one is too deep for me...reminds me too much of college)
ronald reagan stole aquarium white house (He did???)
obi wan and his twirling lightsaber (Damn you, Mary Beth Ellis!)
observing a very sexy woman (Not could always try The Bastardly)
nicko roben sex pornos von one piec (I have some cognizance of the mother tongue, but I'm a little afraid to translate this one)
she made her mothernaked (Might be worth a looksee if she's haughter than the daughter)
mcdave cuting horses in texas (Yes, I have the ability to go to the Lone Star State and make horses cute)
co/workers thong shows (The girl who worked for me last year had this purple...I'd better not say any more)
get chicks to notice me (Not if you spend your time on the internet looking up fifth-rate blogs like this one)

If this is what people are coming to my blog to read, then perhaps I should shift my focus a bit.

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