Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hopefully He Will Go Down Like A Lead Zeppelin

One of the benefits (if you can call it that) of being married to someone from a different political party than oneself is being able to see what kind of campaign advertisements are being sent to one's spouse during a heated primary campaign. My Republican eyes really do not care what Democrats are sending to their party members, but when the mail shows up, I just have to look.

Yesterday two different pieces arrived from the campaign of one Mr. John Paul Jones, a man who must certainly feel the weight of history pressing hard upon him, considering that he bears the name of not just one but TWO figures of major historical import. One wonders why Mr. Jones doesn't stick with John (too Martian?) or just go by Paul (too evocative of a sports entertainment legend?). Name recognition in politics is everything in a primary election where the voter can't just vote straight party. Smart move, then, using his full name.

Mr. Jones is running for State Representative in the 27th District of Pennsylvania, located along the western border of the city of Pittsburgh. The first mailer was basically "yadda, yadda, yadda"; family pictures and some text outlining his reasons for running. I barely looked at it, as he is not of my party, and I have seen far too many candidate mailers with family photos over the years. It's all just so "yadda, yadda, yadda".

I nearly passed over the second mailer when something caught my eye. This one was a little more hardcore, to say the least. What, or who, is Mr. Jones running against? A rather harsh collage of a weary George W. Bush, flanked by images of rising gas prices and bad news headlines, made the message clear:

Elect John Paul Jones to the PA State Legislature, and he will oppose the policies of George W. Bush and Big Oil!

Erm, no. Unless the legislature is dominated by moonbats who have lost complete sight of their jobs, you are not going to Harrisburg to work against the President of the United States. If that is your goal, then run for Congress. Using images of the President, rising gas prices, and war might have some appeal to the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Psychosis-Gazette, but to a rational human being, it makes no sense.

Speaking of the PG...guess who gave Mr. Jones an endorsement this week? Birds of a feather, my friends, birds of a feather.

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