Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Obama Is An Insidious Bastard

So my wife finally got so sick of people coming to the door and shilling for candidates when she's trying to get things done around the house that she decided to do something about it: She posted a "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on the front door. No one knocked all day. Her plan worked!

Well...not entirely. I was amused to find "DO NOT DISTURB" stuck to the door when I came home yesterday. I was not amused at all to see what was hanging from the screen door handle. It seems that the folks who pass out literature no longer settle for small fliers that can be inserted in the side of the door -- for, plainly visible from as far away as the street, was a big long piece of Obama for President propaganda hanging off the front of the door. It was insidiously clever, really. The thing was custom made for hanging from door knobs (or handles). My wife, in her attempt to stay clear of roving campaign workers, ended up enabling them.

She still hasn't committed herself to a candidate, but I get the feeling that this slick move may discourage her from voting for Obama. One can only hope.

We weren't the only victims, either. This sort of thing was happening all over the commonwealth. It was a concerted effort, no doubt carried out with the blessing of Barack Obama himself. What a rat bastard. If I had been home when when the Obama volunteer dropped by, someone would have been walking off of my property with fewer teeth than when they set foot on it.

Yes, I would have proudly struck such a blow in the cause of freedom.

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