Monday, April 28, 2008

When I Blog Complain, It's Like A Little Prayer

In my last post, I recounted a year of frustration with Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system. Basically, I said that it sucked.

I did not expect something positive to happen as quickly as it did.

Over the weekend, I checked Windows Update to see what, if any, Vista fix was lurking about, just waiting for me to install it. There was one -- a big one. Windows Vista Service Pack 1 has come to the masses. I'm sure the timing was just coincidence, but it certainly seemed as though this gift from Bill Gates came in response to my lamentations.

I ran the install at bedtime and woke up to find a desktop that looked absolutely no different than it had the night before. That's good. Even better, the system has not had the problems with crashes and hanging applications as it did before. I'm digging it. If this keeps up, I am going to get to love Vista.

Thank you, Microsoft.

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