Monday, June 09, 2008

Just Stop Using The Damn Stuff

Damn, do gas prices suck these days or what? I'm not as bothered as a lot of other people seem to be. I practically have front door service for my daily commute, since my employer subsidizes my bus rides, and my wife can walk to work in under a minute. The only place I drive to any more is the store, so I can get away with filling the tank on my minivan no more than once per month.

Others are not so lucky. Charities that rely on gas powered vehicles to make deliveries to needy patrons are suffering, as reported in this morning's PG Now. Not to worry -- if you've got horses and hay, there's hope for you yet! At least that was the impression I had when I saw the proximity of these two items on the PG's front page this morning, as seen in the following screen capture:

People are talking about many newfangled alternative energy sources nowadays. Who would ever have thought of buying a Conestoga wagon? There's no fuel like an old fuel.

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