Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ron Paul Supporters Gopher An Alternative Convention

Congressman Ron Paul's chances of getting elected President this year fizzled out weeks ago, but he's still working to keep his message alive. Dr. Paul's campaign is planning to hold a rival convention in Minneapolis while the Republican National Convention takes place in neighboring Saint Paul.

It seems that the RNC is shutting out Ron Paul because he won't kiss John McCain's ass. Now let me make this clear: I intend to vote for John McCain in November. I will vote for him against Barack Obama, just as I would vote for him against any Democrat. McCain has his flaws, but I don't dislike the man. Indeed, there is much to admire about him. The fact remains, however, that he is the establishment candidate, and he has a long record of compromise and conciliation that helped him get where he is today. In that spirit, John McCain and the Republican Party should reach out to Ron Paul and recognize the support he has received from Republican primary voters by inviting him to speak to the RNC.

Sorry, Dr. Paul, but we can't let a principled politician whose beliefs and practices are rooted in the basic philosophy of the Republican Party speak at the Republican convention. Make nice with us and we'll play with you.

Ron Paul is too principled to do that. He has valid reasons for not throwing his support behind John McCain. So, in order to let anyone who will listen know that he still has something to say, He is going to have his own rally concurrent with the second night of the RNC.

He has an interesting venue lined up:

Williams Arena, located on the Twin Cities main campus of the University of Minnesota is the home of the University of Minnesota Golden Gophers men's and women's basketball teams. The building is known affectionately as "The Barn," and its student section is known as The Barnyard.
Perfect! If this gathering is like any other political convention or rally, it should certainly resemble the inside of a barn full of animals. I wouldn't mind going up there to see it in person, if I could, but I probably won't. My vacation plans this year revolve around spending a couple of weeks (and a lot of money, unfortunately) in the City of Angels. I'll be lucky if I can afford to get back to Pittsburgh after that, let alone make a side trip to Minnesota.

If I did go, I could stay at my kind-hearted, beneficent relative's house just twelve minutes from The Barn. Heck, I could even go to Keegan's, the conservative Minnesota bloggers' favorite hangout, just six minutes on the other side of The Barn. That would be a top night.

Instead, I'll stay home and watch on TV (or the Internet). No visit to the Williams Arena for me, sorry to say. That building is over 80 years old. It's hard to say how long it will be before someone decided to tear it down and build a 21st century facility, which begs the question: If The Barn is demolished, will there resulting pile of debris be christened "Barney Rubble"?

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