Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Big Kahuna Dangles, Hangs High

Oh yeah baby.

Sorry -- I meant to refer to this. Not having experienced it myself, I can't say whether it would be exciting or terrifying. Probably both. The initial shock would shake me up a bit, but after a minute or so, I'd be chilling and getting a thrill from the blood rushing to my head. And then lapsing into apathy when the numbness set in.

The closest to this that has happened to me was back around 1991 at King's Island near Cincinnati. The coaster (not an upside down one) braked when we were at the highest peak on the tracks. It would not have been bad were it not for the oncoming storm. Nothing like being stuck on metal high above the ground when lighting is imminent.

In fact, I have never been able to cross the Ohio-Pennsylvania border without encountering heavy rain and lightning. Why is that? At least my car never got stuck upside down. Facing backwards, however...


jipzeecab said...

You probably crossed the border on a Thursday.
I went to college in Ohio and some graduate school. We had thunderstorms so often on Thursday we used to call them "rainy Thursdays". We didn't need a weather man to know what it would be like that day of the week.

Nicko McDave said...

As it happens, when I worked at Borders, I had to work every Saturday and often Sunday as well, so I picked Thursday as my preferred day off during the week. Many of my day trips were incursions into Ohio. So, as you surmised, most of my border crossings were indeed performed on a Thursday. Huzzah!