Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The End Of Politics

No, I haven't been blogging about politics, or much of anything, lately. The blogging method of fisking by excerpting and commenting on news articles and op-ed pieces is pretty much spent as far as I am concerned. There has to be a better way to get my point across.

Most of us are familiar with the method of laying newspapers around the floor to house train a puppy dog. I might try blogging that way. Since I don't want to waste a penny of my money on print media, I could print out an editorial, say, this one from the Psychosis-Gazette the other day, and lay the print out on the floor. (Alternatively, I could do this with pictures of Reg Henry from the P-G site, but I wouldn't want to desecrate the image of his nice shiny head.) Then, I would drop my pants, crouch down over the screed, and defecate upon the printed word. A still camera mounted nearby would photograph each step of the action, and I could then download the images to my computer for some fun photoblogging.

Yeah, I could do that. But my shit is a private matter, and I don't want pictures of it going out over the Internet, even if it's in a good cause. So you'll just have to dream.

Meanwhile, the major party presidential candidates will continue to bore us to death by being nice to one another when what we really need in this campaign is some good old-fashioned vitriol.

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jipzeecab said...

Two members of the "Senate Club" can't bring themselves to "personalize criticisms of their opponents so the "surrogates" will do the dirty work.
Ever wonder about Wesley Clark's psyche-personality...here is a guy Clinton fired..still sucking up to the Clintons.