Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The First Cylon Was Created On Earth

They were created by man:

Once the world's most famous robot, a 7-foot aluminum man that smoked cigarettes, called people "toots" and appeared on the silver screen with a legendary showgirl somehow slipped into obscurity.
If they built this thing today, they would hand a gold chain around his neck, give him a Jersey accent, and name him "Guido". As it happens, he was called "Elektro". And he must have had an electric libido:
In 1960, Elektro starred as "Sam Thinko" in the film "Sex Kittens Go To College," alongside B-movie bombshell Mamie Van Doren, a bevy of topless dancers and a trained chimp.
Never heard of that movie before, but it has it all the right ingredients to qualify it as one of the greatest films of all time, as evidenced by the trailer:

A Guido robot, a sexually aroused monkey, hot delicious blonds, and horny Uncle Fester? That just screams "Winner!".

Toss in Conway Twitty, however, and it all goes flaccid. Conway Twitty? For crying out loud!

Perhaps one of those scientists in the movie got the idea to cross Mamie Van Doren with Elektro to create the Number Six model of Cylon. That makes perfect sense, in a suspension of disbelief, mixing of fictional realities kind of way.

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