Monday, August 25, 2008

Reimagining The English Language

From the same article that I cited in my last post, we find this quote:

"Barack Obama is a liberal with respect to three core concerns," said [some Sociology professor]. "He's for phasing out our involvement in Iraq and not repeating the calamitous error of preventative war. He supports moving toward universal health care. And he's committed to investments in sustainable fuel and pulling back from oil dependency."
This is one of my biggest problems with political rhetoric for the last 100 years or so. "Liberal" has become a dirty word in politics due to its misappropriation by leftists. "Liberal" derives from "liberty", so someone who is a "liberal" should be someone who advocates freedom. Let's take a look at the alleged liberalism of Obama's "three core concerns" as described above.

First, opposition to "involvement in Iraq" and to "preventative war" in general. This one is arguable. Going into Iraq was not an absolute must. Neither was going into Afghanistan. Hell, you could say that we shouldn't have gone to Japan during World War II. We did all of these things because there were compelling arguments to do so. Would a true "liberal" support the continuation of Saddam Hussein's regime? No.

Second is "moving toward universal health care". This would be a system of government coercion. Can you opt out of paying your taxes that go to supporting socialized medicine? If the answer is no, then this is not a liberal policy.

The third and final concern is energy policy. Self-described "liberals" demand that we never tap another well, never build another refinery, never explore domestic sources of oil that will keep our cars running while new technologies are still in development. How do they put these demands into effect? By making them the law. In other words, more government coercion.

A political viewpoint that tells us government can make things better by passing more restrictive laws is not liberal. I wouldn't mind if more of these leftists would call themselves progressives or socialists (I prefer "commies"), but they have been repeating the Big Lie that they are "liberal" for so long that they have come to believe it.

And they have the audacity to call themselves "The reality-based community"?

Because I'm Small-Minded

There is something special planned for the Democrat convention tonight:

To be sure, that great liberal lion of the U.S. Senate, Edward M. Kennedy, will be honored at tonight's opening session in a video tribute directed by documentarian Ken Burns.
You know, I have never watched anything made by Ken Burns, and I never will.

I Overspent On Vacation, And I Need Cash Now

Recently I took a three week trip to the west coast. For the most part, I was a charity case: Relatives put the family up in a guest house for the entire stay, and gave us the airplane tickets as a gift. I paid for a 21 day car rental (a PRIUS, baby! ha ha!), some groceries and dining out, souvenirs, and a few other minor expenses. Three weeks of minor expenses turns into one big expense when the credit card bill arrives. Suddenly, my big tax refund looks like small change. And my sizable stimulus package from earlier in the summer? Like it never existed. Vacation is expensive, even when someone else is footing the bill for you. Bottom line: I need cash now!

Fortunately, I learned from watching one very entertaining television commercial about 50 times a day that I just need to call a toll free telephone number and I can GET CASH NOW!

There is one slight problem: I do not have an annuity, structured settlement, or any kind of long term payments. If I call JG Wentworth, he will hang up the phone and laugh at me -- not necessarily in that order.

Still, even if he can't help me with my expenses, I can still sing along with his commercial -- even if I'm alone in my car, fifty miles from the nearest television set. Because the song is just that catchy.

Monday, August 18, 2008

OK, I'm Back

Most of the past month I have been far from home on a nice long vacation. I took an even longer vacation from blogging, and I haven't looked at my stats for far too long.

It's nice to come back and see that I am THE search result for an area of very particular interest. Thanks, Google.