Monday, November 10, 2008

I Might Need To Start Burning My CD Collection

I have been a Deep Purple fan for many years. I enjoy listening to every iteration of the band. I own all of the albums on CD. I also like most of the so-called "spin-off" bands, like Rainbow, Gillan and Whitesnake.


Whitesnake was in the news recently. It seems that singer David Coverdale, who became famous as a member of Deep Purple in the mid-1970s, has taken a very personal interest in the 2008 presidential campaign. Right around Election Day, Coverdale heard one of his most popular Whitesnake tunes being played during a John McCain campaign rally that was shown on CNN. He did not appreciate his song being used in that way. Mr. Coverdale, we learn, acquired US citizenship not long ago. This means, of course, that he can vote -- for Barack Obama, as it turns out.

This is not surprising. Rock N Rollers have a lot in common with Obama supporters, which is that a lot of them must be on drugs, or at least seem like they are. (McCain supporters, in contrast, are so sober that most of them just stare at the ground and wish there was a pill that they could take to make it all go away.)

Coverdale's objections are understandable. McCain's people should have been vetting the artists whose songs they wanted to play at public appearances in order to avoid being embarrassed when the washed-up fatheads complain. This is just typical of how badly mismanaged the campaign was from start to finish.

On the other hand, I now have a personal dilemma. Since I am now aware that David Coverdale is among those who have publicly expressed admiration for Barack Obama, should I commence incinerating those prized recordings in my collection in which he appears? They are in fact my physical property because I did pay for them, so I have every right to burn them if I want. I am torn right now. I have never felt this kind of animosity for someone on the A list before.

Good thing I don't spend good money on this kind of crap anymore. When it comes to celebrity culture, I just don't know who I can trust anymore.

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opit said...

Celebrity culture. There's a subject I know virtually nothing about. I thought I'd send this accident of nature along to mess with your head.