Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Mikrowellen gegen die Wahl

There was a medium-large sized sign next to the door where I entered my polling place. It dictated two things:

  1. Cell phones must be turned off before entering the building
  2. No picture taking is allowed inside.
It could be that the bureau of elections is concerned about people taking pictures with their cell phone. Sometimes you can't tell if someone is using their phone to text or take pictures. Or maybe they don't want anyone tying up the line by calling someone to find out who to vote for.

I'd like to think that, with all of the other alleged problems that electronic voting machines have, the experts have determined that microwaves from cell phones -- you know, the ones that cause cancer -- interfere with the voting machines and cause people's votes to register incorrectly.

At least, that's the excuse that some people are going to use when their candidates don't win tonight.

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