Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nuked From Orbit

See, this is what happens when I spend my Internet time watching YouTube junk and trolling stupid message boards, instead of keeping up with my favorite blogs. I admit, I have fallen behind in blog reading lately. Sometimes I get bored with blogs and blogging. And I forget about it.

Then, a few days later, I wonder what PittGirl is going on about these days, and when I go to The Burgh Blog, it ain't there. The Girl has obliterated it. The current site, the original Blogger site, the cache, all gone. It might sound silly, but I really want to be sure that I saw the last post before it all went away. Nothing is there but a mushroom cloud in the form of a Dear John letter.

In the greater scheme of things, it's just one more meaningless distraction from the important things in life. But it was FUN, and maybe that's more important than we think.

I don't know who PittGirl is. I don't know if she's somebody I've met. For all I know, she might be related to me. Does it matter? PittGirl is everybody's friend, and everybody's sister.

And if her identity ever becomes public, I hope to God that she really is a girl.

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