Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Senator Night Live

It looks like Al Franken is losing in his bid to win election the the US Senate from Minnesota. As long as we're taking a serious look at former Saturday Night Live people as candidates for US Senate, why not look to Alaska? Ted Stevens, who has been in office almost as long as I have been alive, won reelection but will never get a chance to continue in office due to his legal problems. Governor Sarah Palin will need to appoint a replacement when Stevens steps down. Why not her new best friend Tina Fey? If nearly half of Minnesota though Franken could be a Senator, surely Alaska shouldn't have a problem with Tina. I'm sure that Governor Palin would just love to let Tina stay at her place. And when Tina needs to leave her daughter to attend sessions in Washington, Bristol can babysit.

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