Saturday, November 01, 2008

That Doesn't Scare Me

Last night I walked around my neighborhood keeping an eye on my immediate descendants as they looted people's porches for tooth decaying sweets. Since I was just there to herd them in as they went from house to house, I spent most of the time surveying the yards. As with any holiday, there were some fantastic decorations adorning people's residences. The coolest one was a giant screen in someone's front yard playing the classic Mel Brooks spoof Young Frankenstein -- right next to a John McCain sign.

That surprised me. There were plenty of political signs along the way, for candidates from County Council to President, but all were for Democrats -- except the Young Frankenstein house, and one other a few doors down. The abundance of residential political advertising at Halloween time amuses me. How many yards were there with ghosts, witches, fake graves, coffins...and an Obama sign? Quite a few in my area. It's like Obama signs were the top Halloween decoration this year, intended to scare people. People like me.

It didn't work.

Every time a Republican is in office, or is running for office, or there is a general shift to the right in general opinion, some twit will proclaim that "(person or policy) scares me". Like, "George Bush scares me". Or, "the anti-choice zealots scare me". With these people, it's always "scary" that "this person" thinks "this way" about something. Say hello to the politics of FEAR. Everyday is Halloween for the people, without the candy.

When the scared person is a man, the testosterone deficiency is evident, as is the stupidity. If you don't like someone else's views or plans for running the country, you are supposed to stand up for what you believe in and fight for it. Going on some national cable TV news show and telling the world that you are scared is not an act of boldness or defiance. I know I don't sit there and think, "That man says he's scared. That's the kind of leadership we need!" I laugh at the poor bastard and proceed to ignore him.

Next time you heard some lefty liberal telling you that Sarah Palin, or whoever, is SCARY, try to give him a good swift kick in the balls. Don't worry about hurting him. There won't be anything to hit.

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jipzeecab said...

I live in what has always been a solidly R neighborhood. About 6 years ago a widow from Mt. Lebo moved in across the street. She has been part of the Dem party faithful and always had their signs in her yard Rendell,Kerry,Casey etc.
This year tho NO signs...