Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Once

So, now that my votes have been cast, who did I vote for? Surprisingly, most races had Republican candidates for whom I could vote. John McCain, Sarah Palin, Tim Murphy, Tom Corbett, Tom Ellis, and Chet Beiler all received my vote. The State Representative race between Democrat Dan Deasy and a Reform Party candidate was a joke, so I added a punch line by writing myself in.

If you live in the 27th District, vote for me.

In addition, there was one question on the ballot, something about floating municipal bonds to pay for something or other. Ed Rendell called me the other day -- he sounded like he stopped in the middle of eating his sandwich to record a robocall -- and urged me to vote YES. So I voted NO.

The dearth of uncontested races made it easy for me to finish up, get out of there, and go home to say good morning and farewell to my offspring before heading out to work.

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