Wednesday, December 17, 2008

But Is It Earth?

Heroes may be off until February, but Battlestar Galactica will be back one month from now -- and about time, too. The whole quest-for-Earth business has been overshadowed by the mystery of the Final Cylon. I stand by my earlier theory that Joseph Adama is Romo Lampkin is the Final Cylon. I am also willing to admit that I am probably wrong, no matter how well-thought out my theory is, because TV people have a big problem with logic and common sense. My theory ties in nicely with the upcoming Caprica series. Why not have the BIG REVEAL promote the new show? That would be logical, and good business.

Still. Having perused a plethora of blogs, boards, and articles, I have noticed that there are a lot of people who have determined that Ellen Tigh is the missing skin job. Not least among these was an anonymous blog comment, posted by someone who claims to work for the show, revealing in advance that it has been Ellen all along. I don't have the link handy because I discounted the comment when I read it, assuming that the commenter was either passing out disinformation, or simply lying about being connected with the show.

If Ellen does turn out to be the one, I will be disappointed. My Adama/Lampkin theory just makes too much sense to me. I believe that Five of Five should be someone who is aware that it is a Cylon, and who can manipulate events in a big way. Lampkin emerged from shadow (Hybrid prophecy) to save the day at Baltar's trial, then played a more visible role (in the light) in getting Lee Adama appointed President. What did Ellen do? Manipulate her husband into carrying out her will during the brief time when he was military dictator of the fleet? Carry on like a total floozy with man and Cylon alike? Get herself poisoned by her secret Cylon husband? The only thing that makes sense about her being the Final Cylon is the empty place at the table next to Tigh, in front of the (poisoned) cup. But that has little to do with events in the series.

Ron Moore & Co. had better come up with some really good plot twists (and swirls) to convince me that Ellen Tigh is a Cylon.

Meanwhile...what of Earth? Is the irradiated waste planet really Earth? Is there another world to which the fleet can escape? What's all of this nonsense about the Final Five having been to Earth? Is there really a Cylon God, and is it something manifest, in the form of a thirteenth humanoid Cylon? To heck with Christmas, I want January 16 to hurry up and get here. We've been waiting too long for resolution!

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