Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Klingon Commander-In-Chief

The nice thing about NBC's Heroes being available on the web is that I never have to worry about missing an episode. I'm usually a day or two behind.

The thing that stood out about this week's opening scenes was not the action on screen, but the presence of the name "Michael Dorn" among the actors appearing in the episode. There have been plenty of Doctor Who and Star Trek actors in supporting roles, but getting Worf on the show is the ultimate. He was always my favorite character on TNG, DS9, and the movies. I was very interested in seeing how he was going to be used here.

Every time someone was chemically altered (Ando, Peter, Mohinder) I half expected them to turn into a Klingon. Why not? What would have been cooler than Dr. Suresh lifting his face out of the pool of red chemicals to reveal a ridged forehead and a voice deeper than the Grand Canyon?

Instead of something ultra cool like that, I had to wait for the end of the show for my Worf fix. I was not disappointed. As soon as it was over, I asked Google how many sites were making reference to "President Worf". Less than a hundred, as it turns out. Still...this is going to catch on. No one will ever be able to watch Michael Dorn in anything without thinking "Worf". If he plays a President, he is going to be "President Worf", no matter how he handles the character. Mark my words, this will stick.

Good show, no matter who is in it. Get Hiro his power back, dammit!

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