Friday, January 23, 2009

Opiate Of The Asses

If you have eaten something that disagrees with you and you need something to make you puke it back up, read through Tony's column in today's Psychosis-Gazette:

This has been a week unlike any other for millions of Americans. Those who haven't felt pride of ownership in our democracy for years felt its insistent stirrings, once again. For many, especially African-Americans, the pageantry surrounding Barack Obama's inauguration was a renewed call to patriotism. Many felt obliged to answer in the affirmative for the first time.
Hear that, America? According to Tony, patriotism is not loyalty to country. It's loyalty to party, or to race, or both. If your party isn't in charge, you don't feel "pride of ownership". That's funny -- I couldn't stand having a Democrat as president from 1993-2001, but I never lot my "pride of ownership" in America.

Read the rest of Tony's drivel. Your gag reflex will respond heartily and your gullet with erupt like Old Faithful.

It is typical of the way that a lot of deluded Americans (a majority, apparently) feel about Obama. They act like they've won a war. Obama's victory has brought them to a state of mass euphoria. They're freaking high on the guy. Did they take him in pill form, intravenously, or did they just sniff him to get the buzz going? The man is a walking drug.

I didn't vote for Obama, I don't like the direction that he intends to take the country, and I won't miss him when/if he ever leaves office. But I don't feel like America has been taken away from me. I'm not stupid, unlike the Obama drones.

In the unlikely event that the government rescinds my right to vote for no apparent reason, I will have serious issues with America. Right now I don't care who is President. It's still my country regardless.

Enjoy the drugs, Tony.

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