Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top Babe

I started watching Top Chef a couple of years ago when my wife became hooked. My fondest memory of Season Three is...Chef Casey. She was a fan favorite because she is, to be blunt, a BABE. There is plenty of drama to keep things interesting, but when all is said and done, it's the aesthetics that stick in my mind. I'm just a man, after all.

Season Four had some lookers, though none at the Casey level. It was more entertaining than Season Three. I'm glad Blais made it to the final and Stephanie won.

Season Five started out well. One of the chef contestants was a buxom Army wife who looks like Jessica Biel. Naturally, she was eliminated about ten minutes into the first episode.

Waiting in the wings was Chef Rad. Her looks are a fantastic combination of "cute" and "gorgeous". She has been compared to a lemur, but that's OK because lemurs are cute. She has been getting good reviews from the judges for most of her dishes, she has an agreeable personality, and she doesn't drag the show down with drama. I am pulling for her to win. Unfortunately I couldn't stay up late enough to watch last night's new episode. It would have been nice to see which of her opponents had to pack their knives and go.

What did you just say??? She was WHAT???


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